1) (in the company of; beside; among; including: I was walking with my father; Do they enjoy playing with each other?; He used to play football with the Arsenal team; Put this book with the others.) s,z
2) (by means of; using: Mend it with this glue; Cut it with a knife.) s pomočjo
3) (used in expressing the idea of filling, covering etc: Fill this jug with milk; He was covered with mud.) s,z
4) (used in describing conflict: They quarrelled with each other; He fought with my brother.) s,z
5) (used in descriptions of things: a man with a limp; a girl with long hair; a stick with a handle; Treat this book with care.) s,z
6) (as the result of: He is shaking with fear.) zaradi, od
7) (in the care of: Leave your case with the porter.) pri
8) (in relation to; in the case of; concerning: Be careful with that!; What's wrong with you?; What shall I do with these books?) s,z
9) (used in expressing a wish: Down with fascism!; Up with Manchester United!) s,z
* * *
[wið; wim]
s, z; proti; od; v družbi, pri, poleg; s pomočjo; skupaj z, istočasno; zaradi; od; v zvezi z, z ozirom na, pri; kljub, navzlic
I have no money with me — nimam denarja pri sebi
away with you! — poberi se! izgubi se!
with all my heart — od srca rad
pale with fear — bled od strahu
stiff with cold — otrpel, trd od mraza
with all his money he is not happy — kljub vsemu svojemu denarju on ni srečen
sick with — bolan od
he is furious with me — on je besen name
with God figuratively mrtev, v nebesih
with that — nato, tedaj
she is with child — ona je noseča
with young — breja
with all his brains — pri (kljub) vsej njegovi pameti
he is lying down with fever — leži bolan zaradi mrzlice
to die with cancer — umreti za rakom
to fight with courage — pogumno se boriti
to tremble with fear — tresti se od strahu
we parted with them — ločili smo se od njih
to rise with sun — vstati (skupaj, istočasno) s soncem
he lives with us — on stanuje pri nas
she took her with her — vzela jo je s seboj
leave it with me! — prepustite to meni!
to be with s.o. on a point — strinjati se s kom o neki točki
it is a habit with him — to je pri njem navada
to be with it American colloquially biti na tekočem (o čem)
vote with the Conservatives! — glasujte (volite) za konservativce!
to walk with a stick — hoditi s palico
what does he want with me? — kaj hoče od mene?
it rests with you to decide — odločitev je pri vas
it is not so with the drama — v drami to ni tako
I can't leave with my mother so ill — ne morem odpotovati, če mi je mati tako bolna
to weep with joy — jokati od veselja

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.

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